PhD Krzysztof Mozgawa
  • chemistry
  • guardian of cross-curricular course

Motto: Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
N. Gaiman
  • English
  • certified TELC examiner

Motto: Always try to maintain inner peace, and no one will mislead you from the right path.

Beata Makarska
  • chemistry

Motto: You must demand of yourselves, even if others would not demand of you. Pope John Paul II

PhD Marta Kusznerczuk
  • geography
  • leader of a team of social subjects
  • guardian of cross-curricular course and cross-curricular classes in geography

Motto: No one should feel afraid of the unknown, because everyone is capable of achieving everything he wants and needs. – Paulo Coelho

Agnieszka Kulig
  • geography
  • matriculation examiner

Motto: Only a life dedicated to others is worth living. – A. Einstein
  • Polish

Motto: Experience is the best teacher. Cicero

Magdalena Krzemińska
  • English
  • iB MYP coordinator
  • coordinator of Service as Action and Community Project (ZPE)

Motto: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. M. Ganhdi

Izabela Kopik
  • school psychologist
  • pastoral care coordinator

Motto: Often, the desire for what is not in your possession, does not let you enjoy what you already have.

PhD Małgorzata Konarzewska
  • Spanish
  • academic teacher

Motto: Alteri vivas oportet, si tibi vis vivere “. (You must live for others if you want to live for your own benefit). Seneca

Maciej Kiwała
  • maths
  • guardian of extra-curricular course in mathematics and statistics
  • guardian of extra-curricular classes

Motto: When your apple trees do not bloom, it is not the fault of the sun. Chinese proverb.

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