School of talent explorers

Our school is the place focused on the student and his needs, the place where every child develops at his own pace and in his own way. At Paderewski Primary School we know how to provide the education on the highest level and how to create the atmosphere where scientific, artistic and sports passions are born. We strive for each of our students to have the opportunity to develop their interests, and our versatile, well-educated and friendly teachers make Paderewski  the place where respect and kindness to another person is a daily routine.

School open to the world

Our response to our students’ needs is to provide them with the necessary skills they have to have to function in today’s world. We believe that language learning extends the horizons, enables development and promotes effective communication in everyday life. Philosophy lessons help to understand the world, shape the autonomy of reasoning, and support creative and critical thinking. The wise use of the latest technology during the learning process helps our students to become prepared for the life in the modern digital world.

Our certificates: