Paderewski Elementary School is an educational partner of Private Entliczek-Pentliczek Kindergarten. The two institutions work together in the framework of the agreement signed on 2nd December, 2013- the declaration of the cooperation agreement in the field of educational partnership. Our aim is to build a common area of education for the best development of our students.

See the Declaration of Cooperation:

‘Who never was a child, may not become an adult.’  

Charles Chaplin

Cooperation Declaration

Private Entliczek-Pentliczek Kindergarten and Paderewski  Elementary School  declare that they include an educational partnership agreement.

Taking into account the welfare of our students and pupils, and based on the common concept of pedagogy in which the child is in the centre – treated friendly, wisely and subjectively – we declare that we will work for:

  • integration of our community ,
  • free flow of valuable didactic  ideas,
  • shaping a common profile of a graduate – a critically thinking, interested in the world, tolerant and responsible young man.


Our certificates: