The biggest success of Paderewski Primary School is integration of the whole school community: pupils, parents and teachers.

The school community participates in school ceremonies such as Christmas Eve, Family Sports Paderiada Tournament, various charities including Szlachetna Paczka (eng. Noble parcel). We want to list just some of our innumerous successes in 2015/2016:

Educational successes:
  • 2nd place in Lublin in Final Primary School Exam: on average Polish 84%, Maths 77%, English 96%,
  • 5 winners in the national contests organised under the patronage of Lubelski Kurator Oświaty,
  • 2nd place in Big Challenge 2016 International Contest,
  • 3rd place in Master of English Extramural Contest,
  • 1st place in Nałęcz Autumn Bicycle Rally organised by Poleski National Park.
Artistic successes:
  • Silver Diploma in 11th Voivodeship School Choir Contest,
  • 1st place in Poland in The Inspirados por Espana Art Contest,
  • The winner of 13th Voivodeship European Song Contest,
  • 3rd place in Poland in the art contest titled Four seasons – Colours of Winter organised by Wałbrzyski Ośrodek Kultury,
  • 3rd place in Poland in Rozśpiewane Zoo Singing Contest.
Sports successes:
  • Lublin Championship in Liga Orlika Młodszego Tournament for children born in 2006,
  • The Polish Championship in wrestling as a part of Wrestling in Every School, the programme under the patronage of Andrzej Supron.
Our certificates: