Students of Paderewski high school fulfill a program of Polish or international graduation in a few groups, at an appropriate level of English language skills. English teaching is a system of classless groups with a strictly defined level of advancement and taught at the same time.

Teachers are experienced lecturers and native speakers who regularly participate in trainings, workshops and thematic conferences in Poland and abroad. Our lecturers are also trainers and visitors – IB MYP and DP international programme consultants who train teachers around the world.

We carry out 6 teaching hours per week of English in the national programme, which are conducted by a teacher and native speakers. From the first grade, students fulfill English language program at an advanced level (IV.1.r) and take TELC certificate at B2 or C1 level in the final year.

As a laptop class, they use modern multimedia programmes and attractive audiovisual exercises during lessons on a daily basis. The international programme offers students of Paderewski 8 English lessons per week conducted by a teacher and native speakers. First pre-DP classes preparing for the IB DP programme start their education from at least B2 level and from the second grade all subjects are taught in a foreign language.

Our students attend foreign language extra-curricular classes, participate in numerous international projects and exchanges, as well as school actions, which allow to broaden language skills and its active application. We can boast of numerous laureates and finalists of English subject and international competitions.