International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programe at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has been carried out at Paderewski high school since 1999.We are the first authorized school on this side of Vistula and the sixth one in Poland. The results achieved by our students far exceed the global average in many subjects.

The IB DP lasts two years and is radically different from the Polish high school programme. Here, for two years, students learn only subjects selected for their exams. All lessons (except for the mother tongue) are conducted in English.

International programme in Paderewski is taught by great teachers – enthusiasts, often academic teachers who, at every stage, support and inspire their students in achieving their goals and challenges, which are quite common during the course of learning.IB DP is a unique and prestigious programme that, in our school, develops students comprehensively and at the same time opens the way for international universities!

As part of the IB DP, a student chooses 6 subjects, of which at least 3 of the selected ones must be taught at the HL (Higher Level), the rest is taught at the SL (Standard Level). A student is to choose one subject from the following groups:

  • GROUP 1: It is obligatory to learn a mother tongue.
  • GROUP 2: Each student is also to learn a foreign language, in our school that is English.
  • GROUP 3: From the group of social subjects one can choose: history, geography, economics or psychology.
  • GROUP 4: From experimental subjects one can choose: biology, chemistry, computer science or physics.
  • GROUP 5: It is also mandatory to learn mathematics. This subject is the only one taught in two modes: Mathematics, or traditional mathematics (HL or SL) or Maths Studies (only SL) called ‘maths for humanists.
  • GROUP 6: In our school, it is possible to choose any additional subject from groups 2-5.

In addition to learning the 6 selected subjects, the following aspects are also a compulsory element of the programme:

  • TOK – Theory of Knowledge    
  • CAS – Creativity, Activity, Service    
  • Extended Essay
Theory of KnowledgeExtended EssayCreativity, Activity, Service
TOK is of interdisciplinary nature – when studying the subject aspects from the field of philosophy, psychology and ethics are discussed. This course aims to teach students critical thinking and the ability to use already acquired knowledge. It is credited on the basis of an oral presentation and an essay evaluated by an external examiner.
Extended Essay is a research work from a selected field, which should have about 4,000 words. A student writes it on their own. In this process, however, the student is supported by a teacher overseeing their work, so-called supervisor. A grade from Extended Essay along with TOK grade is included in the final result of diploma exam.
CAS is an educational personal development programme. Passing requires a minimum of 150 clock hours to be spent on social and artistic activities as well as physical development. As part of CAS, students carry out volunteering, develop their own interests and passions, and take care of their physical condition. The basis for passing is keeping reports – documentation related to one’s own activity.