Mark White
  • native speaker języka angielskiego
  • English Communication

Kwalifikacje zawodowe:

I am from London/south of England. I have been in Lublin and the area around it for about 15 years. I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2007. I hope that my teaching inspires many students, and that my lessons are both fun and educational.


I really enjoy many aspects of Lublin such as the old town, student vibes and the many summer events in the centre of Lublin. I can’t say, however, that I’m a fan of Disco Polo; but I did enjoy the Polish Funk series which was bought out on vinyl by Soul Service (a DJ collective from Warsaw). I write my own songs and you can find some of these on a platform called Soundcloud/A 90s new man called Stan. Also some of my DJ mixes on Mixcloud/youtube under the same name. On a final note COYS…

Here is my audiobook.